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Web Development

Web Development Services
Web development allows businesses and startups alike to develop software on the web.

At F9Tech, Web development forms a cornerstone of our business technology practice. We use technologies like Java, PHP, .NET & Python to build scalable, enterprise-grade software that stands up to rigorous use across a variety of verticals.

Our website development process is 10 years in the making — structured for efficiency and high-quality output. We start with a website specifications document, ensuring your requirements are outlined and communicated to our team at the start, and follow-through with extensive quality assurance testing.

Web Development Services

Angular JS

The CMS website development plays a crucial role in the present market. This makes the editing easy whenever the modifications are required. The CMS website development service is suitable for small business and the corporate. We provide genuine, and quality output to your project. The Website Development Company in Vizag Provides the CMS development services to your business at a reasonable cost. It is very effective. It also allows the multiple users to access the data.

This mainly improves the site maintenance. The right Service makes you always to update from the market. The changes in the design and content can be made easily.

Benefits of using the CMS Website Development

  • It is beneficial for non-technical contributors.
  • The images or contents that are added to the website, make the menu to update automatically
  • Quick and easy page management
  • High flexibility for developers
  • Security is automatic
  • Easy to share the resources.
  • Remote access helps to make changes from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • The design is entirely different from the content.

The WordPress development is one of the well-known blogging platforms for self-hosted blogs. The Web Development Companies in Visakhapatnam uses the best service WordPress development to fulfill the client’s requirements. The websites that are built with the WordPress are flexible and user-friendly.

 The WordPress development is mainly used by the following

  • Blogs
  • Social media extensions
  • E-commerce
  • Video collection site
  • Membership site
  • Gallery

No skills are required to make any modifications. You can easily add anything to your website without any confusion. Plugins are the backbone of the WordPress development. It is an open source and community software. It is mainly maintained by a large group of volunteers with a great interest in growing and maintain the WordPress. By using this you can become a member of the community, they provide you the support in all the situations.

Benefits of custom WordPress website development:

  • The plugins and the themes help to build the website easily.
  • Provides high quality and low-cost sites, you can create easily without any knowledge of CSS and HTML.
  • The skilled team of designers has a great idea which will unite to rich features on the website.
  • WordPress is free as in choice.
  • Easy to use and make modifications
  • This can be extendable by using the themes and plugins.
  • Search engine friendly
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to handle all the types of media.

The WordPress based CMS solution and the theme development will improve the importance of the website and even to the business. We are mainly specialized in the blog design, custom module development, e-commerce solutions, website enhancements and custom template design and development. The WordPress themes make you look and feel good about your website.

The ASP.NET is mainly used to generate the dynamic web pages on the website. Our company has experts with experience in providing the web development services. We have built many large-scale applications using the ASP.NET. We have a team who develops and delivers the solutions. The ASP.NET Web development model includes the services that are required to build a web application with minimum coding.

It is also used for building the websites using the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting. The websites and the dynamic web pages can be achieved by using the server-side web application framework from Microsoft. The Microsoft ASP.NET has all the functionalities in the scripting language.

Benefits of using the custom ASP.NET Development

·         ASP.NET Custom Application Development

  • NET Custom Application Development
  • NET Custom Application Development
  • NET & HTML5 for Web Page Development
  • NET and Database Support
  • NET, Third-Party Integration
  • NET and E-commerce Solution
  • Responsive Web Design with ASP.NET
  • Scalable Applications with ASP.NET
  • NET for Enterprise Level Web Applications
  • NET & Real-Time Business Reporting

Angular JS is a famous JavaScript UI framework, it is useful in developing the web applications and the mobile apps. It is also suitable for the front-end and the single page applications. We can develop the dynamic web applications.

The experienced and skilled professionals in our team deliver you the accurate and fast output, by using the Angular JS development service. This service can also be used for the mobile apps to stand in the top place. It also provides the amazing web templates by simply expanding the HTML vocabulary.

Benefits of using the Angular JS development Web Development

  • It is an open source developed and maintained by Google.
  • The architecture is very simple
  • Improves the design architecture
  • Lesser timeline
  • Lesser the code and increases the development efficiency
  • Code reusability
  • Improves the server performance
  • Reusable HTML components
  • Ideal partner with client technology.
  • AngularJS are cross-browser compliant.
  • AngularJS navigate the DOM Templates

NodeJS is a platform which is built on the chrome’s JavaScript runtime, it is mainly used for building the websites fast and network applications. It is mainly used for the real-time applications. It is efficient and lightweight. We reuse the code at every level and this helps to be ready in less span of time itself.

The agile based methods are used in developing the client and server-side applications. We perfectly do all the services that are required for your business growth. The NodeJS are mainly ideal for the applications which require the performance and scalability.

The knowledgeable and skilled Java developers in our company can provide you real-time or data streaming applications like games and chat engines. It also allows the two-way communication. Maintaining the transparency makes us trusted by all the clients globally.

Benefits of Using the NodeJS Web Application Development:

  • It is a real-time application
  • Solves all the database queries
  • Easy to code
  • Rises the productivity
  • Good in synchronizing issues.
  • Easy to learn and build the apps
  • Simultaneous request handling
  • Comprehensive server side development platform
  • Cross-platform runtime environment
  • Boost your sales online with NodeJS
  • Easy to update.

NodeJS is enough to handle the web complexities. It is efficient to use the Javascript in front-end and the backend. The Uber, LinkedIn, PayPal mainly uses their web server, because it allows for writing in the same programming language.

F9 mainly focuses on providing the E-commerce web development service to improve the traffic and to create the conversions. Our company is rated as the top one in India for providing the E-commerce web development service. This also improves the business to grow and achieve profits in the business.

We are here to provide you the E-commerce websites with striking storefront, galleries, mobile-optimized and all in one management system. We can have a good online marketplace with an open source CMS. Achieving of sales and customer attention is mainly based on the appearance of the website and the navigation. This will completely decide the success of business.

Benefits of custom E-commerce Website Development

  • Scalability and speed
  • Latest E-commerce frameworks
  • Increases the search engine visibility
  • Cost effective E-commerce solutions.
  • Builds unique business process.
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Enhanced returns on investments.

The key ideas of our team on E-commerce web Development Company makes us to be recognized in this field. We are here to provide the solution for any issues in further. The website development and the design services help the clients to boost up the sales online and helps to achieve profits.

Our team understands the logic of business and we provide the most accurate and the beneficial solutions to clients. We provide mainly by using the custom CRM development. We manage the issues and provide the interactions and data using the CRM system. The solutions we provide plays a crucial role in improving the business growth.

The skilled and experts in our company to review your business and workflows to define the CRM application requirements, solutions. The Key ideas play a crucial role in developing the custom CRM app development for various industries.

The Multidimensional CRM applications helps to connect to the customers directly. The CRM usage is increasing day by day. We develop the CRM applications which help to improve the functionalities of a system. We can also improve the support and the loyalty. Every employee is able to access the records of every customer by using this system.

The systems that are developed by us helps the clients in following:

  • Organizing
  • Managing
  • Tracking
  • Storing the customer interactions.

Benefits of using the custom CRM software application development:

  • Enhances the customer service
  • Automated marketing and the sales processes
  • Increases the customer loyalty
  • Automated business operation
  • Increases the revenue
  • Improves the efficiency
  • Secure the application data
  • Easy to maintain
  • Provides real-time project access.

If you require the powerful content management the PHP based Joomla is your solution. It is secure and highly stable.  The F9 Info Technologies Private Ltd is a Web development company in Visakhapatnam which provides the best website designing services. This company has the experienced team members to build various dynamic websites and the web applications. They provide the highest quality of your projects. They are cost effective. Their main motto is to help the customers in fulfilling their requirements and helping them to achieve profits in their business. We design various and responsive websites that can be easily adapted to all the mobile screens and the internet browsers.

The main reason to choose the Joomla web development is

  • It is an open source community and which is supported by the strong community
  • Many third-party modules are available.
  • Chances for quick development
  • Easy to update and manage
  • Highly secure
  • Easy to add the images and the content
  • Flexibility

The services we provide are

  • Joomla Website and Application Development
  • Joomla E-commerce Website
  • Joomla Custom Website Development
  • Joomla Portal Development
  • Joomla Content Distribution Development
  • Joomla Web Application Development
  • Joomla Plug-in/Extension/Component development

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